100 days of doodles

Hello everybody! I thought it was quite the time to keep you updated with my projects and here’s the biggest personal one I have ongoing – and it has been going for 50 days so right in the middle of it I am moving to my blog so that more people will be able to…

Photoshop: fill vs opacity

Hello there everybody! It’s Monday and as promised I am back to my videos. Here’s one by request that I had from an user who posted from my contact form. Here it goes! Have a great week and stay creative!

Behance: Projects VS WIP

Hi there! here I am back with some inspiration. Gosh I had really some hard times to get this video on. Enjoy and stay creative catch’ya on the b-side!

Problem solving with behance

Here’s a video for my peers in Adobe Generation Pro: Digital creativity I saw some messages from people who want to upload assignment 1 to Behance. While WIPs in Behance are not supposed for this purpose, there is a way to make it work, if you accept compromises. This is a solution I thought about…