Problem solving with behance

Here’s a video for my peers in Adobe Generation Pro: Digital creativity I saw some messages from people who want to upload assignment 1 to Behance. While WIPs in Behance are not supposed for this purpose, there is a way to make it work, if you accept compromises. This is a solution I thought about…

Ink&Slide in Europe

Hi there! Here we go again, new link new news about our new two objects of desire, ink&slide. Go check! Ink&Slide in Europe  stay creative! ps: this is my 60th post. Time flies 🙂

Paths and Render>flames the part missing

Hi there, here’s a new operated quite suffering Flo out of surgery and back to you to to complete a video after your requests. Sorry for missing this part before and now it’s done, just Sunday not Friday but forgive me for once. Have a great day, stay creative and I’ll catch’ya on the b-side

Photoshop CC2014: three filters in Menu>filter>render

Hello everybody! My first tutorial for fall 2014 is out today – now that my voice almost work 🙂 Almost as – as you will see – it will turn froggy in the middle (some say it works anyway, I hope you’ll agree. You can hear the clips when I start to cough, promise I’ll do…

Finally back!

Hello there dear readers! Good news: I still wait for an operation that is taking a long time indeed, I am still a bit worried but as for the rest my health is back and the bad trolls are out so I am about to restart posting here and writing for Sweden too. Those who…