Social Media Week Milan: day 4

Last day of Social Media Week Milan


Contest “take ten challenge”

Hi! did you see this funny photoshop challenge? You still have a whole day to create your own masterwork and publish to win very interesting prizes. Rules: Download 10 images and use all of them (and only those 10). Represent the theme “weightless” in your art. Share the final artwork on Behance by June 8. Hashtag…

Adobe Market on [three] mobile apps

Hello there!   fresh new video for the day inspired by questions I saw yesterday on the internet. I promised to post a solution today, so here it is, 10 minutes of speaking for 3 apps. Enjoy and have a great week end Catch’ya on the b-side

Fundamentals of 3D design in Photoshop

Yesterday I had to hold a presentation for a 3D event, unfortunately a meeting blocked me outside the doors, but I had the idea to make a video to show so that they should not be without Photoshop. This is the video. Now it is done exclusively for the event so it is private and…

Photoshop: fill vs opacity

Hello there everybody! It’s Monday and as promised I am back to my videos. Here’s one by request that I had from an user who posted from my contact form. Here it goes! Have a great week and stay creative!

Behance: Projects VS WIP

Hi there! here I am back with some inspiration. Gosh I had really some hard times to get this video on. Enjoy and stay creative catch’ya on the b-side!