Social Media Week Milan: day 3

Here I am again!

Third day of Social Media Week. I feel extremely empowered. The hardest part today was choosing where to go and what to listen. It was just so interesting. I think I chose right for the future of my business and I am very grateful for all the insight and inspiration my dear hometown is giving me. Feel so fortunate that I was in Milan same time as the SMW. Big yay on it!

Again, I will go through today’s workshops and conferences and give you a summary of they highlights for each and every. Hopefully I will make you see why it is important to register and participate to Social Media Week.

I am provocatively sticking to no pictures as I share images irl. This is a text only summary of what I did not share through pictures during the day.

Also, I have been a speaker many times and I am always happy when people share the content of my message. I am less happy when they share everything. There must always be more for those who participate, but a bit for everyone 🙂 People who pay have rights to more content

So here comes my summary and impressions for the day

Project your first chatBOT

Gianluca Arnesano, digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer , Università degli Studi di Napoli ‘Parthenope’​ and Luiss Management opened our day with a very interesting conversation on how the chatBOT would support our necessity to communicate with messages and reduce the conversational gap. Solutions are different, but one of the elements that makes a chatBOT a good one, is that you prepare a very good script for the backend. Goals, behaviour, tasks, the better you design and you can describe your chatBOT and its function while it is created, the better it will serve your purposes. According to the principle that all that can be automated, will be automated, the good news is that messaging systems will be the new browsers and will in many cases replace websites. In the last part of the workshop we looked at how we could create our own chatBOT too.

Freaky communication

Top 5 of the best I heard in these days, Alberto Castelvecchi, editor, talent scout, Public Speaking Professor at Luiss Guido Carli University had a mind-blowing study over the idea that freak is the new black, good or bad? During his entertaining and profound analysis of how we approach to the Freudian unheimlich, the uncanny, he decoded our cultural relations with the things we watch. I loved the references to Greek literature and myths, as learning more people are aware that Hollywood is still writing stories copying the traditional Greek literature’s tricks, but most of all the parallel with Medusa the Gorgon. It’s like Greek already told us that looking at the uncanny you might be turned into stone. That is a beautiful reference, to get to the conclusion we have learned to look in the eye of Gorgons. I found myself completely agreeing that despite communication on internet is gross and images might be violent, by exposing ourself to the uncanny, we train our brain to embrace more empathy. So things that long time ago were disgusting, today are acceptable. That brought as an example, from the segregation of physically unpaired to the celebration of them (think para-olympics). Many things that are positive have become facts thanks to the fact that our eyes tolerate more. On the contrary it is quite disturbing when politics try to flirt with normality. Staring at the Machiavellian question, should we be loved or feared? Politicians try to normalise their presence on medias to tenderness. Here we had to look at images of dictators or political sociopaths trying to behave like loving and humoristic individuals. I confess I agree, it is way more creepy! Finally, the recipe given to us, the tools to handle the uncanny are irony, choice and curiosity.

Multiplatform marketing

Ok here I will tell you almost nothing. Not because this was not good, but because this was brilliant. Gianpaolo Lorusso, web Marketing Professional, made a gorgeous introduction to multiplatform marketing, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads and so forth. We went through different targets for different platforms and how to read high and low quality scores to make our company more successful and we even got an extra bonus. Now the reason why I stay this vague on this is that we paid and participated, we sat there, it is a bit of our right to keep what we learned a bit all right reserved for us being there :). Next time, if you want Gianpaolo’s expertise to enlighten your way, you know where to go. Today my advantage on my competitors is that I have a sharp multiplatform marketing workshop in my bag of knowledges. But I would say the speaker really knew what he is talking about.

From media planning to content planning

Two speakers, one was Alessandro Pastore Content & Innovation Director, Wavemaker @ MEC and then a great woman I am so sorry I missed the name. Both talking about one specific product and the innovation around how they made the Petty sauce, made with real tuscan tomato, go viral. The big issue, they explained, for selling on internet is to find how to compete on visibility. The hard part is conquer your customers’ time. Indeed both brand and agency fight on this, interrupting people from doing something and get their attention. Conquer your customers’ attention is the first step, then it is SEO, SEA and the most important in the last mile is the SMO. We also heard about the reason why to go paid search campaign in 3 main steps: grants to stand out, allows to discover the clients and it lets you control the message. We were instructed on how to develop a paid search campaign. This part of the conference was very important to me. I work with websites and storytelling for my clients and the story of Petty the sauce gave me tons of inspiration on how to move to content planning.

Social Media Mining: extract data and understand their value for marketing

Vincenzo Cosenza Strategist, Blogmeter and Francesca D’Amato Digital analytics manager, Sky italia covered the social media mining and the importance to study the emotional reactions of the customers (likes, hearts) as they are public and at disposal and are useful to influence other users. We went through the progress of social mining and we saw a lot of examples of conversations on different arguments (e.g. banks and what people talk the most about each bank). Part of the social media mining tasks is monitoring brands’ products’ and managers’ reputation. We studied the competitive analysis through how different mineral waters act on social media. From emotional analysis we moved then to content analysis, real time marketing and what awaits for us in the future and then we listened to Francesca’s experience in Sky.

Disruptive retail tour

Shutout for this amazing indeed analysis on how some brands made that difference that creates that experience that makes customers give you more of their time. It might be AI, super interactivity, excellence customisation, we went through shops and bars that are doing things differently (a tip, visit Diesel jeans at piazza San Babila or Deus Ex Machina for a drink). I really wanted to hug the speaker, Bianca Guez, trend Research and Content Marketing, Milano Retail Tour. Not only because she is yet another example why Italian women in business are the most amazing women in Europe, but also because she touched so much of the fashion business and in 2 weeks I am asked to bring my experience into fashion retail, so let me post a thank you that maybe won’t be read but it is so heartfelt!. Finally Bianca invited a guest for the Q&A: Massimiliano Alessio Miglierina Store Director for Leroy Merlin Lissone. In a sentence: inspiration until you can take no more. Chapeau!

From advertising to basket: all the physical and digital touchpoint for an omni-channel  path

Well known Salesforce behind this incredibly entertaining workshop where we followed the steps of a persona, Rachel, who’s into trecking and who buys products online. They had built the narration on two plans. The story of Rachel and the other side of the medal, what happens in the background, how the companies can monitor and learn what Rachel is doing. Very interesting study over multi device interaction, which I believe is what makes Salesforce as big as they are.  Vote their best the wonderful humble not humble comment on winning a second prize: it’s ok, we arrived second. The winner was Tesla, which is one of our clients, so we are happy for our client. Way to go for awesomeness. Salesforce ended the workshop with a funny game. As usual I won nothing, but those who won had a nice web camera. As you know I was not there yesterday but it seems generosity sees no end with them, and yesterday the gadget to win was a drone. That’s good marketing too.

The hastags battles: reputation and crisis management on social media

Last event for the day for me. A panel that was so interesting I was sad when it was over. Three super VIPs talking Daniele Chieffi  responsible for social media management at Eni, Michele Ficara Manganelli Editorial director at Assodigitale and one of the most entertaining speakers of the day Piero Tagliapietra Digital Strategist at The Fool. The panel made a very on point discussion on the differences between incident and crisis. Generally there is a tendency to go paranoid on internet as soon as negative feedback arrives. First thing to understand: when you talk to people on social media you will always make somebody unhappy and they will tell you. Incidents and crisis are different and are handled differently. In this part of the speech we spoke about the role of the social media manager which is not that of finding the answers, but to support and communicate with press and all chains and warn about what might happen if something is said. Core point of the panel is: can I be straight? Sh*t happens. If you use social media, you will accidentally screw things up at times. The way to go is not pretending it can’t happen, but be prepared for every scenario online. Deal with incidents as incidents, leave your pride at home and even when customers insults you, reply humbly, not for the customer but for the other who read – aka tactics, and deal with crisis as crisis – aka wide business strategy. Vote the best quote from this: if you throw poop (we did not say poop) on a cooling fan, you can’t expect to leave the room clean.


This will be all for today, use the contact me page if you want to interact with me and know more of some content. I will still not give you everything, or it is meaningless to be there and disrespectful for the speakers but we can surely brainstorm on all that was said. Maybe you were there? Maybe you want to hear about my talks? Contact me

Btw: my joy when I heard that the app boom is over. In 2013 I was speaker to a women only geek event and warned about this. Don’t go enthusiastic on apps, their honeymoon won’t last that long. People were very sceptical with me, so now I am happy that in 2017 we are openly speaking of the apps peak to be something behind us. I gave it 3 years and look, at times it’s nice to be right 🙂

See you tomorrow for day 4!

Stay tuned!


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