Tips: ways to use Adobe Post

Hi creatives!

During the weekend I have spent some time testing a new Adobe app: Adobe Post.

Have you heard about it? Now, the concept is easy: picture under, text and clear design on top.

What can you do with it?

Create social graphics remixing those who are proposed as examples or making your own with your pictures. Or use other pictures that are offered on the app.

Why would one want to do it?

Not only because it is fun but because:

  1. it allows to share relevant messages
  2. it has a powerful voice on social medias like instagram
  3. it’s both picture and text so it can be a good marketing solution to spread your work
  4. ok, it’s really fun to use

Now I have to say it is very easy to fall in the “meme” trap but use it too as an experimental phase to understand the potential of this tool. But then let it grow, try to think about your work and how a picture and a text can help you promote your ideas.

Here I came with some examples that I hope can help you.


Let’s say as an example that you are a photographer and now and then you have offers for your clients. Why not using a catchy image and select a clear text to spread the news that you are offering some special photo session? It would work on both instagram, twitter or Facebook, shortly it works on social medias if your clients follow you



I took an example that I am very fond of: a good coffee shop, cozy, big tables, place for freelancers who like to work by a cup of coffee and a bagel. Let them know you are offering wi-fi all the time, use some words to describe you and give them your adress



Here I get as close and personal as one can be: why not using one of your works and introduce yourself, then ask people to follow you somewhere else? (this is posted on Instagram and invites followers on Behance). Personally, I like the idea…


Of course possibilities are endless, I am just trying to suggest a way to not approach the tool as a toy. Think about it!

But sure, if you like inspirational and memes, just go for it 🙂


Have fun and stay creative, and I, I’ll catch’ya on the B-side!


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