The Community Connection: do you know about it?

Hello creatives!

finally back to my blog for post. Today I just want to give you a good suggestion if you are a creative who just want to hang around a forum and talk everything that is about the creative paths, the creative choices, the creative realities… you know all that comes before, around and as the reason why we need to use the Adobe tools.

In case you did not notice, the Adobe forum has a new page for all creatives where you can talk about just EVERYTHING that jumps in your mind, as long as it is connected to your creative life.

Here is the link:

Check the topics and have your time connecting with creatives from all over the world, and why not? Start your own topics. I as an example have started a photo game and I will start more games there, just because I like the idea of activating creative processes.

If you are into photography you can start by taking part of that game

But my tip is: just give a look and find your own voice. Of course many people still use the option to ask questions about the tools, but don’t worry: it’s a page for creatives so just be creative! A lot is allowed.

See you there!


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