Sharing some Flo love

Hello everybody!

Today I wear this t-shirt. It is a ‘thank you for your commitment’ present from Adobe customers.

Thanks to the enormous support I get from them, or YOU, I am allowed to continue my mission to change the negative vision people have about too many things about the tools and environments.

They are alas right on a lot of issues but those issues have little to do with photoshop, illustrator or our creative ways, and you know how I invested all I learned from all the fields I dealt with to bring the best experience everywhere.

I am very grateful they/YOU choose me to represent that side of the creative realities that have stronger beliefs and brighter visions of what being a creative means. And I swear I will never wear a drop of that arrogance that upsets the users. I’d rather wear their/YOUR presents that remind me they/YOU feel I represent them/YOU and of that I am honored.

I thank you all not just for spoiling me with love and presents, but for giving me the chance to enlighten our vision of a creative world. WE ARE NOT INVISIBLE ANY LONGER.

These gentle acts of gratitude made me UGM in Scandinavia  in a moment when it was absolutely not given. I am so grateful and I am really trying to do more than just wear your passion.

Thank you. What you are saying with just a t-shirt is so much more than just thank for your commitment.

I love you all so. Now stay creative and enjoy your WeekEnd 



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