Waiting for Project Candy

Hello everybody!

So, as promised a shorty on this promising app in development. This time, I really had to go on the on demand and watch the presentation at NAB (spoiler: I just scrolled to Project Candy, to get the feeling, guilty, I confess) which by the way you can freely look whenever you want, just grab this link [NAB on demand]

That I love the mobile apps is no news at all. I work gladly on Adobe Clip e.g. (sorry for not showing these videos, while nothing inappropriate, as impossible as this last may sound coming from me, they are private videos, and I don’t feel like sharing them)

I have always been in love with the apps because I am always moving a lot and my iPad is very often with me, if not my phone is always with me, and both of them always at disposal to grab when I need it (grab ideas, grab notes, you name it) is a saviour gift at times. I can start on the mobile app with what I have from where I stand, and then move back to my CC application through the libraries. Or just stay there, as I do with Sketch and Draw.

Ok, we all get what Project Candy do, right? Capture lights/colors and save the results as looks/grading presets to enhance videos. Works good with AE, PrPro and Clip thanks to the libraries as it is with other apps. Ok? We get it, right? Adobe color does it for the static image, Candy does it for the moving image. Get the colors, save into libraries as looks, open your application, find the looks in the libraries, apply to your video. It’s the new black and we love it.

Why is this good?

1) Because it is easy. Believe someone who’s learning now all these things. Color grading can be such a pain in the butt… excuse my honesty. Candy presets make it easier and faster: we like it!

The same voice I heard in my brain yesterday swinging about SpeedGrade is there again. Profanely saying: you familiar with SpeedGrade? You’ll find yourself at home.

2) Because it is really non-dramatic. It’s an app, it has all the simplicity of easy apps. You point your mobile camera, it grabs the colors …. and wait for it….

3) It display looks as bubbles

It’s Flo speaking, you surely understand that it gets the merriest when I say: bubbles. It saves your looks on bubbles that show both color and lights in 3D space. You select and shift bubbles then adjust the intensity with sliders.

Did you notice how many times I said bubbles? Oooh, these new apps only get better and better!

But let’s go back to the app and be serious. Aside the fact that I am a bubbles-fanatic, it is a fact that they are quite easy to control (they are, I promise). Btw, you do not need to grab new pictures all the time. Project Candy can grab colors and export looks from your existing pictures too.

Things that might make you doubt:

1 – that the looks won’t look that good on AE and PrPro as promised

2 – I am too lazy to do my own looks

Why you shouldn’t:

1 – you can already control the overall intensity

2 – whatever is on the libraries can now be shared. There will surely be someone who can share looks with you 🙂

And bonus: the bubbles. Wherever you see bubbles, it’s safe 🙂

Jokes aside, the fact that a lot of the creativity is moving on the mobile apps, mirrors my way of working a lot and I am happy that even the video reality is aligning to the static image and the illustration as I feel very motivated on the apps. They allow more creativity than you would imagine, they might still look a bit like a toy but they have an inner potential being connected to the big artillery on your computer that you cannot underestimate.

And they follow you everywhere!

I will never get tired of underlining how important it is to have the chance to bring a bit of your CC everywhere. I use it. It makes meetings faster and more interactive, I’ll post a typical apps day so that you know all the reasons why not just Candy but all the apps are a powerful companion in both your mobile and iPad.


Randomly reasons why Project Candy is good news:

– easy to use, easily adjustable

– portable and powerfully integrated with the big tools as to Adobe Clip

– possibility to share on the libraries

Randomly reasons why Flo loves Project Candy and waits for it:

– it’s called Candy. Can’t get any cuter

– the bubbles, the bubbles, the bubbles! I love the bubbles!

Ok dear readers I really had to close with some humour, this was my shorty today, stay tuned as I’ll write more post in a couple of days (maybe the fact that I cannot shoot video tutorials made me active as a blogger, who knows?)

Stay creative and I as usual will catch you on the b-side!


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