100 days of doodles

Hello everybody!

I thought it was quite the time to keep you updated with my projects and here’s the biggest personal one I have ongoing – and it has been going for 50 days so right in the middle of it I am moving to my blog so that more people will be able to follow it.

It all started because of a dream I had. I am not going into detail but basically I dreamt that a drawing made by somebody else was the king of a very strange realm and that this drawing ordered me in his role as a king to start a 100 drawings challenge.

I spoke to some friends who are illustrators and many considered a 100 days quite a challenge – it requires a lot of commitment creatively, in finding time and it can be very tiring in the end. To make this possible I am not making too complex drawings part of the doodles project. It is just about no more than one hour depending on how much time I have every day.


– to endure a longer personal project that implies walking definitely outside my comfort zone

– to become a better illustrator and win an old fight with my right hand that might depend on a shadow they found in my brain on the motor system that makes motor activities a pain in the butt at times. If it is so, the brain is a muscle so I found a very good gym to train motor activity through my right hand (put chaos on chaos, I am born left and forced to right, which means today I am basically bad at using both)

– to find my individual way as an illustrator. I am known for my pop art, and I am humbly grateful for that, but I hope this project will make me grow in other genres too.

I will open a page dedicated to a gallery – it took some time to take this decision, so I am not really sure how to do this. I will post from tonight on my drawings on twitter (so far been on Facebook but I am not satisfied with my Facebook profile and it gives too little interaction so I see no reason to continue there). I am not sure how to get this thing done, I regret I started this project on Facebook, I had to choose Twitter at the very beginning, and create a gallery here, but ok, we’re in the middle so I can call this project part 2. We move to Twitter and we move to my blog.

I also would like to keep a journal of my works, not just a plain gallery, trying to explain what has been going on from day one, all my thoughts around it and so forth.

Behance would sound like a great place to post everything, but 100 drawings is too much and right now I am considering to pick the best of every month and turn it from sketch to complete creation in Illustrator. In that case, Behance sounds like the best place for my Illustrator project.

Anyhow, expect a page, with pictures like a journal: it’s 50 pictures and the new ones coming to upload so I am not sure I will be done that soon but it will be here.

It is quite a journey and quite an experience, I am very sorry I kept this on Facebook instead of using my blog at once, it might have inspired more people using this channel and twitter. Well, we don’t always choose wise in life, but now we make it work 🙂

As to video tutorials, bear with my computer: it has not the capacity right now to let me film anything. I am considering to buy a new computer. Bummer, and I still don’t know if I want to go Apple or PC.

I am not sure when I will be back with videos. I will write tutorials eventually or borrow something from the school. I need to think about it. I’ll let you know.


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