Adobe Bridge: what’s good with the REVIEW MODE?

Hi there!

while suffering a bad cold, I thought about giving a short tip to Bridge users to have some fun selecting pictures. Did you know that you can actually work with slideshows in full screen mode and have a better view of your works? This is actually funny for photographers who sort their pictures in Bridge. Have some fun with it 🙂

Do like that:

– show your folder with your pictures in your Bridge Content Window

– go to your menu and choose view > review mode

– your pictures will appear as slideshow or a carousel if you prefer and Bridge’s layout will disappear to leave a cleaner screen with all focus on your pictures

This is NOT a preview mode. You can work with your pictures when you are in review mode.

Your tools will be the ARROWS and the NUMBERS on your keyboard.

ARROWS (you can see them down on the bottom left of your screen – use them with your cursor or use them on your keyboard to work faster)

  • right and left arrow: scroll and browse your pictures
  • down arrow: will remove a picture from the slideshow


  • STAR RATING: use numbers from 1 to 5
  • COLORED LABELS: use numbers from 6 to 9

When you quit the review mode (you can click “ESC” or use the menu), Bridge will remember all your work.

That’s it! Easy and funny, go and enjoy your Bridge.

Stay creative and Flo will catch’ya on the b-side, and in 2015 twice a week on this blog: Monday and Friday


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