Match colors in Photoshop

Hi there!

Bad news, my headset is not working properly so the video I promised last week and that I should post today is to be moved to next week (I send tutorials on Friday but tomorrow I am on a flight so I just can’t).

Since things are like this, I decided to post a quick tip that I can give you without the support of a video.

Choice fell on this as it allows me to answer a question a got 3 times today and that generally I get very often.

Formerly I made a video for a very talented photographer and dancer, explaining how to use the lookup colors to uniform images overall look. This is a quite close question and a technique I use at times when

  1. I have pictures that lack vivid colors and that would win in quality by adding some
  2. I want to create a series of pictures that do not have anything else but colors in common
  3. When I want to add colors from existing pictures to new ones for the sake of connection (say I am making a montage that should look like from the time of Mona Lisa, then I use the colors from Mona Lisa – for the mood)

Do this:

  • open two pictures: the one that has the colors you want to use an the one that needs them.
  • stay on the pictures that needs to be color-edited
  • go to image>adjustment>match colors…

It will open a new window. In this new window you find

  • on top: destination image and a list of tools (luminance, color intensity, fade). It is your actual picture, the one that needs a color change
  • on the bottom: image statistics. Here there’s an option for “source”
  • when you find source it says “none”. Open the menu that refers to the source and choose the other picture, the one that has the nice colors as your source. Do that by clicking on its filename so that it is checked. You will see a small thumb of it at the right of the source option
  • check the preview if you want to, and if the preview does not look good, don’t worry, it will look good once you’re done
  • eventually change luminance, color intensity and fade to your destination picture until it pleases you
  • click ok
  • done 🙂

This is actually a very good option in the image menu. I gave you some ideas as to how to use it, now it’s your turn to try and find where this might be useful for you.

Have fun with it, stay creative and I as usual will catch you on the b-side!


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