Using brushes in your library and changing colors in Photoshop CC 2014

Hello there!

 here we go, first post of the year and today we talk my beloved Photoshop. And we will talk photoshop next week too 🙂

I really hope your year started well, mine was quite in isolation and alone but I do not complain, it was my choice as I was extremely tired and psychologically drained – needed some time on my own, I have the rest of my life for celebrating New Years, this one, I needed a break 🙂

January the 1st wears a little bit of an Italian superstition as we say what you do today, you will do for the rest of the year, so today I chose to talk about photoshop, hoping it will bring fortune on my creative way. Before we even start, let me say:

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 2015 with love from me to you!

ps: that by chance reminds me, do you know I finally went back to Premiere? Yes! This time is official! 2015 is when Flo goes back to video, that too with love but just from me to me 😀

(I hear you I hear you: when will that be Lightroom’s year? Hehe, dunno, I do what I love and Premiere is a dream from the years at university all way back in 2008, it is such a joy to be back)


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