Humorous overview of the Adobe apps

Flo's iPad

Flo’s iPad

Hello there!

Publishing my Friday blog in the middle of the night between Friday and Saturday. I beg you to forgive me, it is not laziness, I am holding my first Bechance Portfolio Review in Malmö next Monday and I have been working a lot on my presentation and all the stuff(s) that need to be done to make a good presentation. Very thrilled… or as the cool ones say: very psyched about it (cool or cool, but my American friends love this psycho thing and I love Hitchcock, being psyched makes me think of the movie Psycho… which has nothing to do with being humorous…. so let’s move on with this part :P)

Today I made a 17 minutes (but I swear very entertaining: it’s still Da Flo in Da House 😛 ) introduction to clean some confusion about the very dynamic Adobe apps that I use on my mobile – and which you can too have on your smart phone.

As said, the video is a bit long, but I do hope worth the while, I had a lot of fun (again, the same American friends as above would say “I had a blast” doing it, and since I am declared America’s sweetheart let me have my blast too :P)

Here it comes, give a look enjoy, leave feedback, enjoy your weekend and come back next week for more!

You already know how it ends: stay creative and Da Flo will catch’ya on the B-side 🙂

Note: first time I use ScreenFlow 5, I have no idea why the video is squashed…

Here are the links for Adobe Education Professional development
GenerationPro: video


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