Using Adobe Sketch


Created with Adobe Sketch - by FMC

Created with Adobe Sketch – by FMC


As you probably or surely already know, Adobe released some incredible apps for the iPad. As I am homeschooling me to learn illustrations and cartooning, all these new apps are a step into Disneyland for me. I’d say the greatest thing about them is that they are fun to work with, but they are no toys. If you are skilled, there are endless chances to create very powerful sketches. The greatest tool is the ruler, which actually gives you the chance to create different shapes: circles, ellipses, squares, triangles… That means that yes, if you are good at creating sketches even using perspective, your options here are endless.

I would mention too the fact that colors blends amazingly.


Lips by FMC

You can create works that are ready to go or you can import them to photoshop/illustrator and move them from sketches to completed and extremely advanced projects. That is what I am going to do with a work in project I have uploaded on Behance (and I have to say thanks again for the feedback).

The cat up above is mainly done with the shapes, to show you do really not need to be an experienced illustrator to create something cute that can actually work. In a bunch of minutes I had my black cat done. Then you can continue on other channels, upload as a WIP in behance to get feedback or keep on working on Adobe sketch.

When I was testing the shapes tool I created a retro layer which I now use as a cover for my albums and as a background for my business cards.


Retró illustration done with Adobe Sketch

I am definitely not a professional illustrator in the sense of years of advanced production, I have created few original illustrations and they are on Behance too, more often I sit and watch youtube or follow “learn how to draw” apps and try to step away from the example by changing expressions, colors or behaviors of my subject, like in the crocodile illustration.

That is actually done on Adobe Ideas and it is my own revision of an illustration that I learned on a Disney app (you are never too old for anything). It will take time until I am completely independent, but if you want to learn something, you have to choose a point to start from. And beside that, I am happy I found two creative apps that are both good for educating me and for making my work extremely flexible. As I am always on the run, I appreciate tools that move my distribution from desktop to mobile unit, or/and that allow a dynamic use of both.

Sketch is a very well integrated app that allows me to work free hands and educates my hands to extend the use on both photoshop and illustrator so that I can work anywhere with my iPad and send my work to the programs from wherever I am.

I will keep on working with both Ideas and Sketch as I am very focused on mobile apps and tools and I will be more on those in the coming years too.

Note: in case you already work with any of these programs, Ideas or Sketch and experience some issues with your palm rejection, try to deactivate the multiple gestures from the settings of your iPad. In my case it was very annoying to see my iPad swap from Ideas to other apps, but that depended in my case from the fact that my iPad had it hard to understand which command I was sending. My palm laying on the screen was often read as multiple gesture. So my tip is: deactivate when you illustrate and if you really use them, you can go back to settings and have your multiple gestures back once you’re done with Sketch or Ideas”


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