Little art-contest, play and win one of my illustrations

Hi there!

While I was in Copenhagen last week, and I had a very inspiring meeting in one of the city’s most magnificent museums, Ny-Carlsberg glypotek. They had a beautiful beautiful exposition of French paintings and I had an idea while being there to test how well my followers creatives know their history as artists.

Try to answer the following question, all those who answer right win a small printed copy of one of my illustrations (which one is surprise surprise).

What you need to do if you think you know it, is to answer here under and then send me a message through the contact me page telling me your answer, your complete name and address, so if you guess right, I can send you an illustration. Use “art-contest” as a subject to your mail.

Last day to send your answer: 25th of July 2014

Good luck and stay creative.

Catch’ya on the b-side!

A little art-contest: French Post-ImpressionismIMG_4672

!!! How to win: answer here up on the poll (recommended, not required), then go to my contact page, send a mail with subject “art-contest”, tell me what you answered or what your answer is and leave your adress. Please follow the instructions, those who don’t answer according to these steps are automatically disqualified.


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