Red polka dots’ pinup


This took a heck of a time but I wanted this to be ready today. My wonderful friend Madeleine just had a gorgeous offer today and I wanted to do something sweet to show my support. She’s the Swedish goddess of pinups illustration, an idol and an inspiration to me.

Her art inspired me, above all after I discovered, some years after my dad’s death, that dad and I shared the same passion for pinups. I found a non-finished collection of cards from the 50ies that dad saved in his drawers. The pose of this one is inspired by one of daddy’s play cards.

That I never had the time to talk about it with daddy made me understand how much we did not known about each other that we could share. It was painful.

Some years ago, through twitter I got in touch with Madeleine, under her artistic name “Aya”. This way I saw her pinups, I still remember the first one. It was just perfectly done.

But let me tell you a story.

My dad’s grave is in Italy, I live in Sweden. When I found Madeleine and I saw her art I felt like that dialog with daddy was finding me in another form. Now that I am a grown up girl, which daddy never could experience, her sexy pinups became for me like a fairy tale, a grown up tale. It’s like I am still in an unspoken conversation with my past but free from every need of explanation. It was just like she was breaking the chains keeping me inside myself. Hard to explain how she broke the spell and at the same time made me feel it’s funny to have this in common basically with whoever.

I loved her talent. Really. See her pinups here.

I refused to draw and paint for years, basically because I am a born left forced to use my right hand. It did not work quite well, at times I get headache and at times I have no idea what my hands do. It can get frustrating, believe me. I did wonderful works of art but I never feel like I master what I do. It requires concentration and a lot of patience. I guess my heart grew old for a while as to this form of art.

But wonderful illustrator Maja Larsson gave me the courage to start drawing again after years of denial through her drawing challenge’s project. Now I am in love with that again, I train every day and lately I thought often about trying to draw a pinup just for Madeleine. A way to tell how she inspired me.

When I saw the great thing that happened to her today, I just pushed me to do this and make it ready before the end of the day. Just to say: you are just -that- wonderful, Madeleine, thanks for your friendship, thanks for all the inspiration. All you get, you deserve twice that much.


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