Adobe Market on [three] mobile apps

Hello there!   fresh new video for the day inspired by questions I saw yesterday on the internet. I promised to post a solution today, so here it is, 10 minutes of speaking for 3 apps. Enjoy and have a great week end Catch’ya on the b-side

The art of montage

Hello creatives! Back to my blog to talk about the art of montage and how digital photography and editing programs have given us the chance to professionalize and extend visual communication allowing us to use photography as a melting pot for all elevated arts. This real professionalisation of the digital work takes me by storm.…

Styles in PS 2015

Hi everybody! For once: let me talk about something that I like just because I like it and I like to talk about it, shall we? 🙂 Here comes the video, have fun and show me what you are doing with my favourite application ever. Stay creative!

Illustrator Draw and using shapes

Hi there everybody! I have seen some confusion around the concept of using shapes and I feel I need to clarify from my side what kind of shapes we are talking about in order to better support my peers. As it looks from here people are getting lost with finding shapes but I don’t get…

Sharing some Flo love

Hello everybody! Today I wear this t-shirt. It is a ‘thank you for your commitment’ present from Adobe customers. Thanks to the enormous support I get from them, or YOU, I am allowed to continue my mission to change the negative vision people have about too many things about the tools and environments. They are…